Supplies I Use

I love sharing my favorite brands and products with you, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the art supplies I use every day for my daily paintings. Please note, if you purchase from these links, I’ll get a small commission. Thanks!


Because I typically paint smaller pieces, I love using Strathmore Artist Tiles in the 6x6” size. For larger paintings, I use the Strathmore Watercolor Pad in 9x12”, or in larger sizes at Blick.


First, the classic Standard HB Pencil, you probably have one lying around in a drawer somewhere. Use that! Next is my Favorite Mechanical Pencil and lead that I use every day. It is perfect for detail work. For looser sketching, I use a Lead Holder and lead. Lastly, I recommend purchasing a pencil set like this or pencils can be purchased individually at Blick.


Although most any eraser will work perfectly fine, I have my favorites. For detail work, I love my Detail Mechanical Eraser, and for larger areas I prefer the Triangle Eraser or the classic Prismacolor Magic Eraser.


I recommend choosing watercolor specific brushes, I love these Princeton Brushes, they have a variety of shapes and sizes, and are silky smooth! I also like Winsor & Newton brushes, this starter kit is a great set of detail brushes. Here are some larger brushes that I like using as well!


My favorite gouache paint is Winsor & Newton which can be purchased in individual tubes, or as a set like this. I also recommend Arteza’s Gouache sets, available in sets of 12-60 colors. These are perfect for those who are starting out and want a large variety of color options!


Lastly, here’s a list of miscellaneous supplies I use that I highly recommend!

Brush Cleaner and Brush Cleaning Water Jar

The Panel and The Tape I Use

The Pallette I recommend

The Bone Paper Scorer for perfect tape lines

The Phone Holder I use while recording

I hope this helps with the daunting task of getting started painting! Please reach out if you have any questions about specific products, I’m happy to help!